Coco Bongo​

​Entrance Fee: US$ 59.00 (Wed. & Thu.)

Entrance Fee: US$ 65.00 (Fri. & Sat.)

Entrance Fee VIP: US$ 99.00 (Wed. & Thu.)

Entrance Fee VIP: US$ 109.00 (Fri. & Sat.)​ 


​Coco Bongo is for sure your best choice for your Nightlife

attraction in Punta Cana.

The Entrance fee includes round trip transportation from your

hotel and back and free drinks from 11:00 pm to 03:30 am. The

transportation back will be when the show finishes at around

03:30 am - don't worry nobody wants to leave earlier. You can

choose between the normal and VIP tickets. The main

difference of the VIP tickets is that you will be upstairs in a bit

less crowded area and at the same level as the show. The drinks

are basically the same - I did not feel much difference. I would

say - if you want to dance and mix with the crowds you might

be better in the normal area and if you are a bit older and don't

want to dance but be in a less crowded area with a better view

then we recommend the VIP option.

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Plaza Comerciál Victoriana
(Plaza Shopping Bavaro)
Loc. #225
Bávaro - Punta Cana
The Dominican Republic

tlf-hvid  Tele/WhatsApp: +1 809 847 0009


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