​Swim with Dolphins

Dolphin encounter: Adults: US$ 99.00 / Children: US$ 99.00

This program is designed for all ages to have a great learning experience and meeting, know more about the wonderful dolphins by interacting with them. The handtarget is very entertaining as the dolphin will jump to touch ​your hands.


Kiss, Hand Target, Hug and Caresses.


40 minutes

Dolphin Funtastic: Adults: U$ 109.00 / Children: U$ 109.00

​A fast and exciting ride with the dolphin while you hold onto their pectoral fins; in the magnificent belly-ride. You will have the opportunity to interact with dolphins as you've never imagined.


Boogie Push, Belly Ride, Kiss, Hand Target, Hug and Caresses.


40 minutes​

Dolphin Excellence: Adults: U$ 195.00 / Children: U$ 195.00

The most fun and unique program, designed to exceed all your expectations.

Feel the thrill of foot-push; The dolphins will rise you above the water surface by pushing you from the soles of your feet.


Foot Push, Dorsal Tow, Kiss, Hand Target, Hug and Caresses


60 minutes

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