Tropical Catamaran Tour

Prices: US$ 59.00​ / Children US$ 49.00

Private ask for a cote at

Friendly, helpful and experienced staff will ensure that this is both a fun and safe excursion.

Three Different boats to choose from, depending on the size of the group.

BIG Grace: 53 feet, up to 70 pp. She is equipped with two big nets in the front. She has a ladder that allows customers to easily enter the water. This catamaran has a huge sun roof protection and a lot of open space. In case of Private Charter, the catamaran has four small tables allowing for a comfortable lunch.


Frank III: Up to 50 pp. has a very big deck for relaxing, and very good for dancing. The boat does not have a net. The catamaran has quite enough sun roof protection. She has a ladder that allows customers to easily enter the sea.

Cat Pause: Up to 20 pp. has an open deck and phenomenal to navigate on very shallow water. It is also very good for small groups.

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Plaza Comerciál Victoriana
(Plaza Shopping Bavaro)
Loc. #225
Bávaro - Punta Cana
The Dominican Republic

tlf-hvid  Tele/WhatsApp: +1 809 847 0009


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